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With over 30 years of experience in handling cargo, we are experts when it comes to developing projects. We have the necessary equipment for overweight and/or oversize loads that require analysis and special handling.

Due to our rapid growth and expansion we now have our own equipment, including 22 axle hydraulic lines, special trailers, low beds for heavy machinery and over-bridges to avoid damaging bridges with limited capacity. Also, we have hydraulic lifting system with capacity of 800 tons to lift and install. As well, as a special trailer for transporting beer kegs.


  • Cervecería Hondureña / Zimmerman Equipment – Germany – CFR Puerto Cortes.
  • EMSULA: German project supplier: Krones.
  • Cementos del Norte – Germany – CFR Puerto Cortes: plant extension.
  • SEMT/PIELSTICK- France: energy plant generator.
  • Cerro de Hula: eolic energy project, approximately 450 transports.
  • La Vegona/COHERSA: hydroelectric project worked with several over-dimensional parts.
  • Hydroelectric project La Aurora/ Comahsa/ Wasserkarft Volk: oversized and over-dimensional generators and transformers.
  • Contempo Industries: hydroelectric project.
  • Guanales / Grupo Elcosa: turbines and several oversized and over-dimensional parts.
  • Oleoproductos de Honduras: boilers and several oversized and over-dimensional parts.
  • Madeesma/ Gildan: several oversized and over-dimensional biomass boilers.
  • Pardahl: electrical terminal with parts weighing almost 92 tons.
  • BECO: carbon energized plant/ generators, transformers and boilers.
  • Azucarera Hondureña: maritime and land special cargo handling from Brazil to Honduras. View gallery
  • TOSHIBA: generator weighing over 80 tons. View gallery
  • Honducaribe: oversized and over-dimensional parts. View gallery
  • Queiroz Galvao. View gallery
  • RECO: four generators of 120 tons each to be delivered in Roatan, Bay Islands; supplier: Wartzila. View presentation